Hi-Melt Burger Slices set the standard in burger cheese quality.

Voted Australia’s number one burger cheese for quality, functionality, consistency and price, the Hi-Melt difference is obvious from the very first bite, with its unrivalled creaminess and functionality perfectly complementing any quality burger.

Unlike some cheaper slices, our Hi-Melt Burger Slices won’t leach fat and water when heated, nor is it pumped with flavour enhancers to mask the taste of low quality beef patties.

Hi-Melt Burger Slices are perfect for anybody who understands how critical a component cheese is to any burger, and is passionate about quality produce.

Thick and creamy: Our slices are far thicker than our competitors.

High melting point: Consistency is maintained and patty coverage remains even.

Rich, clean flavour: Won’t mask the quality flavours of your meat patties.

Visually appealing: Does justice to the aesthetics of your burger, and is sure to stand out on social media.

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