Pure Dairy’s Instant Quick Frozen (IQF) Cheese Curds are made from the freshest pasteurised milk to deliver the most versatile, deliciously squeaky cheese curds on the market.

Our White Cheese Curds set the standard in squeaky, salty deliciousness, and are famous for their use in Poutine – Canada’s national dish of French fries, cheese curds and gravy. They can also be fried, crumbed or wrapped in bacon to make a scrumptious afternoon snack, or used to perfectly complement your tomato soups, hamburgers and sandwiches.

Sourced directly from Wisconsin – the USA’s cheese heartland with a long and proud tradition of premium cheese production – our Cheese Curds are Instant Quick Frozen (IQF) to maintain their natural shape, distinctive squeaky texture, mild salty flavour and optimal nutritional value.

Furthermore, and our efficient freezing, storage and packaging process means end users have greater control over serving portions, reducing overall waste and cost.

Versatile: Eat them fresh, fried or crumbed for the perfect snack.

Nutrition: Gluten-free, high in calcium and protein with no carbohydrates, added sugars,   or trans-fat.

Instant Quick Frozen (IQF): Ensures optimal freshness and squeakiness.