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Pure Dairy has Australia’s most diverse range of high quality Food Service products, tailored to service minded businesses and their teams looking for fresh ideas.
Hi-Melt Burger Slices set the standard in burger cheese… View Product
Pure Dairy’s Thin Slices deliver the same authentic… View Product

Universal Dairy Foods provides Consistently Good Products – Everyday.
A brand that is bold, loud and undeniably recognisable, it will take your menu to the next level!

Same quality and performance. Every dish. Every meal. Everyday.

Universal Shredded Cheddar captures the… View Product
Manufactured from fresh milk that has been… View Product
Our angel hair Mexi-Shred Blend will take all your… View Product
Our Gouda Cheese variety delivers the traditional… View Product
Universal Natural Tasty Cheddar Slice captures… View Product
Our American Tasty Cheddar Slice captures… View Product

Universal Parmesan Style provides a distinctive sweet…
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The superior flavour profile of our Swiss Cheese Slices…View Product
Made from 100% parmesan cheese, Di Prato Shaved… View Product
Made from cow’s milk and aged for a minimum… View Product
Yiasou Fetta can meet your needs for Organic Feta… View Product
Our Vegan Shredded Cheese will add a creamy… View Product
The Simply Vegan Cheese Sauce has a variety of applications… View Product
Our Vegan Cheese Slices will add an authentic… View Product
Our Anita Cheese Sauce is the market leader… View Product
Pure Dairy’s White Cheese Sauce captures… View Product
Using only the freshest milk from pasture-fed dairy cows… View Product
Wholesome and natural, Pure Dairy Butter… View Product
Pure Dairy’s Instant Quick Frozen (IQF) Cheese… View Product
Pure Dairy’s cheddar block captures the distinctively… View Product
Pure Dairy’s Mozzarella Loaf uses fresh milk… View Product
Our Gouda Block cheese has the traditional mild… View Product
Pure Dairy’s Colby Block cheese is a softer, moister… View Product
Pure Dairy’s Reduced Fat Natural Cheddar Slice captures… View Product
Our Di Prato Parmesan Block is made from 100% Parmesan cheese.. View Product
Pure Dairy’s Frozen Cream delivers the consistently smooth… View Product