Mozzarella Loaf Block

Mozzarella Loaf Block

Pure Dairy’s Mozzarella Loaf uses fresh milk that has been standardised and pasteurised in accordance with the traditional procedures of Italy’s finest cheesemongers. With a distinctively mild and clean flavour, it is perfect for pizzas, lasagne and other baked pasta dishes.

Our Mozzarella delivers a superior melting profile that won’t leave your crusts soggy, or any floury aftertaste in the mouth. Its supple texture gives the cheese a dependable stretch and pull that won’t burn, making it a sure-fire crowd pleaser.

Pure Dairy’s Mozzarella Loaf is characterised by its creamy texture, mild flavour, and convenient packaging – making it an essential ingredient in any kitchen. 

Authentic: Captures the creaminess of traditional mozzarella cheese.

Convenient: Comes in loaves perfect for storage.

Striking: Great coverage when melted, blisters evenly to a golden-brown colour.

Versatile: Perfect for pizzas as well as baked dishes such as lasagna, meatball subs, eggplant parmigiana and cannelloni.

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