Pure Dairy’s Frozen Cream delivers the consistently smooth, rich and creamy experience that you would expect from the finest freshly-made cream.

Produced using fresh cow’s milk and cooled and frozen, our cream is pasteurised and packaged before being fast-frozen to ensure its natural, creamy flavour profile is maintained. 

With a fat content of between 39-42 per cent and absolutely no additives, preservatives or impurities, Pure Dairy’s Frozen Cream will bring your favourite indulgence to life – from bakery treats and desserts, to sauces, confectionery and ice-cream.

Our Frozen Cream is perfect for the freezers of restaurants, bakeries and commercial kitchens alike.

Authentic: Fast-frozen to maintain a natural, fresh creamy flavour.

Versatile: Suitable for consumer and industrial process applications.

Pure: No artificial additives or preservatives.

Consistent: High fat content gives a richer flavour and smoother texture when whipped.