About Us

Established in 2011, Pure Dairy is a service oriented, solution providing dairy company, specialising in the manufacturing, sales/marketing and distribution of both mainstream and niche dairy products manufactured globally. Pure Dairy people are hospitality people, with vast experience working in restaurants kitchens, cafes, sporting stadiums and hotels across the globe.

Not only are we passionate about the industry, but our hands on experience means we understand the cost and time pressures associated with operating kitchens and hospitality venues.

Owners Statement

More than business; it’s a passion.

Born and bred into a world of hospitality, I dare to say I’ve spent more hours than most in kitchens, behind a bar or in an office trying to balance the books (pay bills).

I am passionate about all things food and the vast range of dairy products Pure Dairy offers the food service industry, as the life of hospitality runs through my veins.

Growing up I closely watched my mother and father tirelessly working most days of the week to make a living from hospitality. I understand the time, love and devotion that is required to run a hospitality venue and that is why the business I created 10 years ago, offers nothing other than consistent first grade dairy products, with world class customer service.

Pure Dairy services Pubs, Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels, QSR, Hospitals, Sporting Grounds, Schools, Caterers, Food Manufacturers, Cruise Ships, Correction Facilities, Aged Care Facilities, and Bakeries with the finest quality dairy products from around the world.

Whether that’s our Australian Mozzarella, Dutch Gouda, New Zealand Cheddar, Swiss Emmental, Italian Parmesan and Greek Feta, our authentic American made Burger Slices, our quality is always assured.

Honest passion cannot be falsely manufactured.

It is my goal and my teams’ goal to become the Australian authority of Dairy Products. If you have a dairy question, you want to develop a new product or you just want to talk about a burger and the cheese it was covered in, don’t send an email to your food distributor, don’t google it, don’t scratch you head wondering; pick up the phone or drop an email to the Pure Dairy team.

Reach out… we are here to assist you with innovative, honest and dependable information.

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