Gouda Block

Gouda Block

Our Gouda Block cheese has the traditional mild, nutty flavour cultivated by centuries of Dutch innovation.  

Made from fresh cow’s milk, Pure Dairy’s Gouda Block is semi-hard with an elastic texture, making it easy to cut, slice and dice to suit your every need. Gouda is also a great melting cheese, meaning it is just as suitable for mouth-watering sauces and soups as it is for sandwich slices.

Our Gouda Cheese provides the flexibility required by modern chefs. Easily storable and with a wide variety of applications, Pure Dairy’s Gouda Block is an essential ingredient in every successful kitchen.

Authentic flavour: Delivers the distinctively mild, nutty flavour of traditional Dutch Gouda.

Convenient: Perfect for storage.

Variety of applications: Can be sliced and diced but also has a great melting profile.

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Pure Dairy’s cheddar block captures the distinctively delicious flavours of authentic cheddar cheese.

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Pure Dairy’s Reduced Fat Natural Cheddar Slice captures the distinctively delicious flavours of authentic block cheddar with only 50% of the fat of our traditional Cheddar Slice…

Our Di Prato Parmesan Block is made from 100% Parmesan cheese, encapsulating the very essence of quality Italian artistry.

Aged for a minimum of 18 months…

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