THINS Burger Slices

THINS Burger Slices

Pure Dairy’s THINS Slices deliver the same authentic flavour profile as our award winning Hi-Melt, but in a thinner, more economical slice.

Inspired by cheesemongers who were tired of premium quality coming at the expense of affordability, our THINS Slices are packed full of dairy goodness to provide just the right amount of creamy, cheesy indulgence to enhance the eating experience of any burger.

The functionality of our THINS Slices means they will never leach fat and water when heated, and their compact size makes them the ideal slice for burgers with smaller patties, or restaurants, pubs and clubs that want the option of using multiple slices without compromising their margins.

Our THINS Slices are perfect for venues looking to get maximum bang for their buck when it comes to burger cheese, proving that premium quality doesn’t always have to come at a premium price.

Rich, creamy flavour: Won’t mask the quality flavours of your patty.

Excellent value: The thinness of our slice shaves off cost, not quality.

High melting point: Consistency is maintained and patty coverage remains even.

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