White Cheese Sauce

White Cheese Sauce

Pure Dairy’s White Cheese Sauce captures everything you love about traditional block cheddar to deliver the smoothest and creamiest cheddar sauce on the market.

While many of our competitors use cheap powder substitutes in their cheese sauces, Pure Dairy uses only real and authentic cheddar cheese. These premium ingredients give our White Cheese Sauce an unrivalled silky texture that won’t leave an unwelcome residual powdery feel and lingering aftertaste.

Spectacularly rich and creamy, our White Cheese sauce is so versatile that you will want to add it to all your favourite meals – from pasta dishes and vegetable bakes, to pies, nachos and everything in between. 

Gluten-free and vegetarian, Pure Dairy’s White Cheese Sauce delivers consistently outstanding results regardless of who is in the kitchen. White Cheese Sauce is perfect for multisite venues as well as restaurants, caterers, schools and aged-care facilities looking for an easy to use product that requires minimal clean-up.

Authentic flavour: Made from real cheese, not cheap vegetable oils.

Smooth and creamy: Consistent taste and functionality that doesn’t leave a powdery aftertaste.

Heat and freeze thaw stable: Can be used hot or cold.

Practical: No mess, no waste packaging.

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