What can you expect to see at Meatstock

Almost seven years ago, Australia hosted its first ever Meatstock festival. Ever since, the slow-cooking barbecue phenomenon has left a lasting impression on the continent as eager grill enthusiasts line up to compete in the culinary carnival. Meatstock festival is home to the largest barbecue competition in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and Toowoomba where it welcomes a unique blend of cooking and barbecue craft from the locals.

Apart from the delight of smoked meat, Meatstock also offers something for dairy enthusiasts. The Burger cheese Hi-Melt slices from Pure Dairy are the featured burger cheese slices on the market nationally. Across Australia, they are the cheese of choice for burger specialists. Pure Dairy also offer a variety of other dairy products in the industry suited to many well-known local and foreign cuisines. 

To the naked eye, the festival may just seem like an assortment of meats rotating over an open flame. However, any eager patron will be happy to explore the nuances of barbecue land and Meatstock displays these in droves. Below lists some examples of what you are bound to come across:

Boomtown Barbecue

Perhaps one of the most satisfying scents for a foodie, Boomtown Barbecue aims to satisfy with its American-style slow cookery. The barbecued meats are served straight from the trailer smokers straight to your plate.

2 Smoking Arabs

What started as a small pop-up has now grown into an iconic food truck. With a number of Brooklyn-styled meats accompanied by Middle-Eastern sides, 2 Smoking Arabs are sure to impress with their ability to globetrot.

Fancy Hanks 

Known for its real wood-fire, Fancy Hanks takes great pride in being “all smoke and no mirrors”. In addition to this, they offer a wide range of home-made sauces to compliment all of your carnivorous cravings.


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From Michelin star dining to countryside barbecue, Chris Terlikar’s Bluebonnet covers a lot of ground. Without spoiling the surprise, there is a signature flavour in every Bluebonnet dish that makes them one of the best in the business.

Hoy Pinoy

Cooked over natural charcoal, this Filipino delicacy incorporates Regina’s (owner) home-made recipes for condiments, sauces, skewers and glazes.

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Red Gum BBQ

The signature flavour that Red Gum BBQ serves proves that nobody cooks barbecue like a Southerner. Over the Australian hardwood, the free-range meats are cooked on low-heat for 12-16 hours delicately in aid of flavouring the dish.


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Black Barrel BBQ

Passionate couple Chris and Amy bring Texas-style goodness to Australian meat lovers.

Jack the Ribber

Under the guise of Jack the Ribber, Paul Reitmier has been perfecting Texan barbecue for 10 years. The combination of ironbark and fruit woods appropriately reflect the Australian and American flavours in the meat.

The Real Jerk

This traditional grassroots recipe encapsulates unique flavours and spices imported from Jamaica making it a cutting-edge fusion of Caribbean cuisine.

American BBQ Kitchen

The “Smashed Wagyu Patty Burger” was initially offered as a side item at American BBQ Kitchen. However, it soon acquired its own identity with a trademark recipe. Additionally, the meat used in the burgers is mostly trimmed and marbled, making it one of the juiciest options on the market.

Jo Bro’s

With Michelin experience and visits to 35 different burger joints and restaurants in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Arizona, Brody Jenkins came up with the idea of opening his food truck. Over a frosty pint down the street from the Grove, Josh met his soon-to-be business partner and fellow burger lover, Paul. From that day on, it has been all about juicy, cheesy, delicious burgers.

Six String Brewing Company

Need a good brew to wash down the saucy meats and cheese delights? Six String offers the Central Coast’s finest and first homegrown craft beer.

Live Music

All the elements that make Meatstock iconic coalesce with live music. An impressive lineup from Melbourne’s bourgeoning rock, folk and blues scenes is sure to compliment every tantalising bite the festival has to offer.

For serious foodies, Meatstock is nothing short of a spiritual experience. Between leaning into each smoky bite and being magnetically drawn into the orbit of another food truck, it’s one for the ages and a perfect way to spend the afternoon with some ravenous friends.

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